Maintenance Update 8-22-18

One new wall mount faucet was installed last weekend on the east side of building 14269.  Two additional faucets will be installed this weekend – one on the north side of building 14269 and the other on the north side of building 14275.  After installation is complete, we will have all stucco repaired and painted.  

We are getting bids to replace the broken and cracked tiles in the elevator lobbies.  We will notify you in advance when the work will take place.

Landscaping improvements – we are getting bids to take out some of the overgrown landscaping and install new plants in those areas. As the budget allows we will add plants in other areas that have lost plants over time.  We have made sprinkler repairs and will continue to do so, to keep landscaping looking its best.  

The dumpster area doors have new latches on them, to keep them from blowing open during high winds. Further, new pins are being made to secure the doors into the ground sleeves.

Water intrusion has occurred through some windows on the east side of the buildings during monsoon storms.  We have located a vendor who will be walking the site next week and bidding on the repair work.